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Jonathan Wiggins' Story

A hope filled message of healing and restoration

As the date of our Vision 2020 event is drawing closer. We continue to gather stories about the impact of this ministry from those who have graced our grounds. This particular story is from Jonathan Wiggins, one of our very first campers who became a significant and beloved part of the King’s Camp story. 

Two things strike me as I read Jonathan’s story. One is that how we spend our time really does form us. Jonathan tells us that he "heard over 400 messages and participated in hundreds of worship encounters" at King’s Camp. In this, he was being shaped and formed by the Living Word. The Sower’s seeds landed on the fertile soil of his heart and grew!  He currently lives in Colorado with Amy and their family, pastoring Resurrection Church, ministering to thousands in Colorado and across the globe the message of hope that we have in Jesus. 

The second thing that stands out to me as he describes a memorable message that “Miss Molly” taught him is the promise of healing that God continuously gives to us. Through out Scripture God promises healing. He promises to bind up the brokenhearted, bestow beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. (Isaiah 61) He is the God that heals us! He heals individuals, families, communities, countries, and all of creation.

Here is Jonathan’s story in his own words...

I participated in King’s Camp for 16 years of my life. I can honestly say that no other ministry has shaped my view of the Christian experience more. I am forever grateful.

Over that 16 year period of time, I heard over 400 messages and participated in hundreds of worship encounters. These times of worship and Bible teaching were formative, instructive, encouraging and life-changing. The men and women who taught me about God and the Bible during summer camp in Mer Rouge are among my greatest heroes today.

Maybe one of the most memorable messages I ever heard at King’s Camp was from Miss Molly Hartrick. Miss Molly was a co-founder of the camp, a director for the camp and faithfully served on the board for many years. She was also a gifted musician and singer and a greatly respected counselor/family therapist. 

Miss Molly said, “When a bone is broken, it hurts a great deal. Still, if you can reset the broken bone and give it enough time to heal, that part of the bone which had been broken will become the strongest part of the entire bone. Now, I don’t know what all of you have been through. Maybe some of you boys and girls feel broken inside. Maybe some of you hurt deep on the inside. God can heal you. He wants to. No matter what kind of pain you face, just remember this and take heart. You can be stronger because you were broken.”

This hope filled message of healing and restoration has never left me for a moment. For me, this message represents the legacy of King’s Camp. The redemptive legacy of King’s Camp has never left me for a moment. Miss Molly’s words all those years ago still ring true in my heart today. They seem more relevant in some ways today more than ever before.

My story can be multiplied countless times in the lives of all kinds of people over a span of many years. I very nearly tremble when I consider the extraordinary impact of this one summer camp on a few of the most beautiful acres in North East Louisiana.


Jonathan Wiggins

Pastor of Resurrection Church in Loveland, Colorado

Jonathan Wiggins, Molly Hartrick, and Carson Rockett in the Tin Top, 2003

Jonathan will be joining us for our Vision 2020 Weekend in October, leading an outdoor worship service at "The Barn" and a panel discussion with King's Camp founding partners.

Click on the link below for details.

VISION 2020 - October 30-31.

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