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Mhj Sps Visu V4.9




.0 Mhj builds of the database from this commit will not work in 4.9.0 or later, and 4.9.1 cannot be built on 4.9.0. Do you have time to read the CITEXT note before you continue? Short Answer: Upgrade to MySQL 5.7. Answer for those who are familiar with CITEXT Version 4.9.0: This build is known to fail with an errno 1213 The MySQL server is running on the same machine as the database server and the code is designed to continue even if the server failed to start. The error is from the server when starting the server, not the client. If you are a MySQL subscriber, you can get the latest MySQL 5.7 build by logging into the MySQL Client Access Services website. Long Answer: The problem was with a statement in the CITEXT code. Specifically, it was a function that did something that did not make sense after MySQL 5.7, and made MySQL 5.7 behave differently than MySQL 4.9.0. The rest of the CITEXT code has not changed, and it will work with MySQL 5.7 or later. This function that caused the problem was created as a diagnostic tool, but it was not completely tested. When the CITEXT code was in early development, the function was written to make the server work without the server being started. The default value of the const parameter was initialized to something that would cause the server to start, and then, if the server started, it would fail in a later function. The CITEXT code was originally written to fail if the server started, but in MySQL 5.7, the CITEXT code changed to simply fail if the server is not started. In previous versions, the function would fail if the server started, but the cause would be different. This explains the difference between the MySQL server and the CITEXT client. If you are in the MySQL Client Access Services subscription, you can get the latest MySQL 5.7 build by logging into the MySQL Client Access Services website. CITEXT 4.9.1




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Mhj Sps Visu V4.9

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